Workstar 6.4m Fire/Rescue launch

Workstar 6.4m Fire/Rescue launch

The Workstar 6.4m  fire/rescue launch was a development of the original Workstar 6.4m design by Working Boats UK Ltd, with a major change from outboard to inboard/waterjet propulsion, and built by Holyhead Marine Services, Anglesey, to provide a stable vessel with a shallow draught, capable of operating in restricted waterways, for the Royal Berkshire Fire/Rescue Service. The vessel was fitted with a Steyr 164hp/122kW lightweight inboard diesel working through a ZF HSW 450 gearbox to a Hamilton HJ241 water jet. Steering is from a console just aft of amidships, with seating for four crew, space for a portable fire pump, stretchers and a Jason’s Cradle MOB.

The large open self-draining load deck forward of the console provides sufficient space for a crew of four to work the vessel. Load capacity is 1000kg. In its role as a fire/rescue launch the vessel has sufficient deck area to recover and carry as many as three stretcher-bourne casualties while still allowing the crew of four to control and man the vessel effectively. Lockers in the bow and stern provide watertight stowage space for firefighting and rescue equipment.

At the stern, the vessel is fitted with a combined jet-guard/recovery platform, from which a Jason’s Cradle may be deployed. The transom has been cut away so that any casualties or equipment coming aboard over the platform may be moved rapidly and efficiently forward. A small towing post enables the vessel to tow casualties with a bollard pull in excess of 500kg.

Builder in the UK: Holyhead Marine Services

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Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA (max): 7.20m
  • LOA (hull): 6.40m
  • Beam: 2.50m
  • Draft (lightship): 0.30m
  • Displacement (lightship): 1790kg
  • Power: Steyr 164hp/122kW @ 4000rpm
  • Waterjet: Hamilton HJ241
  • Fuel: 165 litres
  • Max speed @375kg payload: 25kts
  • Max speed @ 1000kg payload: 12kts
  • Fire pump: Rosenbauer “Otter”
  • Siren/PA: Whelan
  • Emergency lights: Premium Hazard
  • Design: Rob Humphries/Working Boats UK Ltd
  • Licence Fee: on application, payable in USDollars, Euro or GBPounds
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