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Workstar 6.2m aluminium landing craft

This well-proven 6.2m aluminium landing craft has been built both as a workboat and as a recreational vessel, for personal and commercial use.

Jerry Dubbledam in the Netherlands built his own Workstar 6.2m aluminium landing craft from a kit profiled by Snijtech in Joure, at the Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek “Hardinxveld” BV shipyard on the river Maas, ably assisted by his ex-dredger skipper father, in order to take his disabled son, confined to a wheelchair, out onto the rivers and canals of Holland.

The Workstar 6.2m LC’s load capacity of 900kg and the wide bow door opening allows the carrying of a quad bike, a small tractor, backhoe, building materials or ten passengers. The Workstar 6.2m LC is also road-legal trailerable.

The Pacific Workboats aluminium landing craft, developed in conjunction with Working Boats UK Ltd and with profilers for the kits of 5083 H-111 marine aluminium and T-6 Series extrusions, in the Netherlands, the USA and South Africa, range from 6.2 to 15m. All the landing craft designs are customisable, with variations in powering –  from outboard to inboard installations – with open consoles to pilothouses and with passenger seating under permanent or temporary cover (see the Workstar 11m aluminium landing craft) and with pax  facilities, galleys, WCs and luggage storage.

Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA: 6.28m
  • Load Deck: 4.26m
  • Bow Door Opening: 1.32m
  • Beam: 2.52m
  • Draft Light: 0.22m
  • Draft Laden: 0.56m
  • Loading: 900kg
  • Power: 100hp/75kW-150hp/112kW 4-stroke outboard engine
  • Design: Pollard/Working Boats UK Ltd
  • Licence Fee: on application, payable in USDollars, Euro or GBPounds

For more information, proposal drawings and data on this LC or any others from the Pacific Workboats range, please contact us through the Enquiry Form