Aluminium and Steel Workboats

Aluminium/Steel Workboats

Workstar 10m aluminium general purpose workboat

aluminium/steel workboats

A well proven and versatile 10m, from the Pacific Workboats range of aluminium/steel workboats, also available as a crew-boat and a passenger ferry, with single or twin engine installations with props, waterjets or sterndrives.

Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA: 9.95m (excluding fenders)
  • Beam: 3.65m (excluding fenders)
  • Draft: 0.60m
  • Displacement (lightship): 5500kgs
  • Deck load: 500kg
  • Power: CAT 3126 TA: MG506 1A gearbox
  • Drive: 24″ four blade fixed prop (alternative Hamilton HJ274 waterjet)
  • Fuel: 1100L in two tanks
  • Loading: 7000kg
  • Structure: Det Norske Veritas, Standard for Classification 2.21 Craft
  • Classification: MCA Small Commercial Boat and Pilot Boat Code (SCV Code) Cat.2. 14 persons.
  • Design: Sexton-Barrow/Pacific Workboats cc

Workstar Sectional Steel Barges

Workstar Sectional Steel Barges

From the Pacific Workboats range of aluminium/steel workboats, this multipurpose flat bottom barge is steel built in two sections for ease of transport or may be built as one unit. The barges are currently available @ 12m, 14m and 16m LOAs.

Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA (excluding fenders): 12.00 m
  • Beam (excluding fenders): 4.40 m
  • Depth: 1.60 m
  • Displacement: 21000 kg approximate lightship, depending on specification.
  • Draft at max displacement of 34000kg: 1.00m
  • Can be built as one piece or as two hulls, each 2.20m wide – demountable for road transport.
  • Construction is all steel from profiled kit + standard sections.
  • Engines: 2 x marine diesels driving fixed pitch propellers: various installations are possible.
  • Shown: Volvo D5’s, ZF 45 and 610 mm diameter props: this would give 8~9 knots top speed at full load (2 x 160/119kW hp)
  • Fuel: 2000L, in two tanks
  • Optional cargo tanks, various arrangements are possible: 2 x 5000 Litres shown
  • Deck crane as required: Palfinger 2300 kgm shown with maximum radius 5.0 m.
  • Bow ramp, A-Frame, deck winches and capstans, fire pumps and monitors, oil-spill recovery gear etc. can be fitted:alternative deck houses also available.
  • Classification: MCA Small Commercial Boat and Pilot Boat Code (SCV Code) Cat.3
  • Design: Sexton-Barrow/Working Boats UK Ltd
  • Licence Fee (12m): $12,000

For aluminium barges check the Workstar 13m OSRV/Caspian Sea

Workstar Garveys

From the Working Boats range of aluminium/steel workboats, the Workstar 770 is based on the proven garvey hull form from North America but with a more refined and sea-kindly hull.

Workstar 770

A well proven and versatile, rugged small workboat available as an open launch, with a small cuddy forward or aft, or a full pilothouse: single or twin outboards or an inboard engine linked to a waterjet or sterndrive, the Workstar 770 garvey hull form gives ample load carrying space within a modest overall length. Supplied to date to the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, the Philippines, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa.

Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA : 7.70m
  • LWL : 6.24m
  • Beam: 2.40m
  • Draft: 0.30m
  • Displacement (lightship): 1750kgs
  • Loading: 1750kgs
  • Power: Twin outboard engines 150hp/112kW (alternatives: inboard marine diesel coupled to a sterndrive or a waterjet)
  • Speed (lightship): 30kts
  • Fuel: 250L
  • Structure: Det Norske Veritas Scantlings Approval
  • Classification: MCA Small Commercial Boat and Pilot Boat Code (SCV Code) Cat.4
  • Design: Castro/Working Boats UK Ltd
  • Licence Fee: $2,205

All our aluminium/steel workboats and barges may be built under licence by approved builders or from kits of profiled material and extrusions, shipped worldwide from our profilers in the Netherlands and the USA.

For more information on any of these vessels contact us.