9.6m landing craft

Workstar 9.6m Fast Response and Intervention Aluminium Landing Craft

This iteration of the Workstar 9.6m aluminium landing craft (FRILC) has been put forward as a proposal, in conjunction with our associates at Dutch Health BV, to the Govt. of the Netherlands for use as an fast response medical and intervention vessel in those parts of the world – such as Bangladesh – where the flooding of remote and generally inaccessible areas is a regular and often fatal occurrence.

The Workstar 9.6m aluminium landing craft may be loaded with a road ambulance for transport to the affected area, which is off-loaded on arrival to collect patients, both stretcher and ambulant. An alternative is to equip the vessel with a fully-fitted medical container, complete with generator and air-conditioning, securely attached to the load deck. In that mode, the Workstar 9.6mLC may also be used for regular visits to remote areas as a medical clinic, taking health care to people who live in out-of-the-way places, with few or poor roads but which are readily accessible by water. The container may be lifted off and stored ashore, clearing the load deck and enabling the landing craft to act purely as an emergency evacuation vessel, carrying up 30-40 people at a time.

For improved visibility and control the Workstar 9.6m aluminium landing craft may be built complete with a flying bridge and outfitted with inboard engines coupled to sterndrives or waterjets as an alternative to outboard motors.

Principal Dimensions:

  • LOA (max):10.94m
  • LOA (hull):9.66m
  • Load Deck: 9.66m
  • Beam: 3.18m
  • Bow Door: 2.28m
  • Draft (lightship): 0.39
  • Draft (laden):0.73m

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9.6m aluminium landing craft
9.6m aluminium landing craft