Workstar 13m OSRV
Workstar 11m landing craft
Workstar 13m OSRV
Workstar 9.6m landing craft
Workstar 8.4m landing craft
Workstar 6.4m Fire and Rescue launch
Workstar 6.2m landing craft

The Pacific Workboats range of aluminium/steel workboats/aluminium landing craft designs, ranging from 6.2m to 15m, specialised vessels such as OSRV (Oil Spill Recovery Vessels/Barges) in aluminium, sectional steel barges, line/hose handler workboats, fire/rescue high speed launches and ambulance boats in aluminium and fibreglass.

Pacific Workboats supplies profiled kits in the appropriate material to builders worldwide from our profilers in the Netherlands and the USA, together with material lists, detailed construction drawings and vessel data with design support throughout the build period. All our workboats, landing craft and specialised vessels are designed to comply with an appropriate Scantlings Rule and the relevant MCA (UK) Workboat Category and may be designed and built to a named Classification Society if required.

All the Pacific Workboat range of aluminium/steel workboats/aluminium landing craft and specialised vessels may be customised to meet the client’s specific requirements. The vessels in the Gallery above have all been built and proven in service in countries as far apart as Britain and Kazakhstan; the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel and Egypt; the Maldives and Papua New Guinea; the Solomon Islands and the Philippines; Kenya and Bangladesh and down the West Coast of Africa in Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria and Namibia.

At Pacific Workboats, our aim is to produce fit-for-purpose, quality aluminium/steel workboats/aluminium landing craft and specialised vessels, such as ambulance boats, suited for their exacting and varying roles; from developing the design in close consultation with the client, to supervising the building at well-established and reputable shipyards, through to the commissioning and sea trials.

For more information on any of our vessels, or to propose a specific design and build, please contact us.